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 File:             globals.lsp

 Class Hierarchy:  None: no classes defined.

 Version:          1.1.0

 Project:          slippery chicken (algorithmic composition)

 Purpose:          Definition of the user-changeable configuration data and
                   globals for internal programme use. See top of cmn.lsp and
                   osc-sc-bsd.lsp for a few more globals relevant to
                   functionality in their respective packages.  

 Author:           Michael Edwards:

 Creation date:    30th May 2013

 $$ Last modified:  12:04:39 Thu Apr 18 2024 CEST

 SVN ID: $Id: sclist.lsp 963 2010-04-08 20:58:32Z medward2 $

globals/+slippery-chicken-config-data+ [ Global Parameters ]

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 A global to hold various user-settable configuration settings.  Use e.g. 
 (set-sc-config 'default-dir "~/Desktop") or (get-sc-config 'default-dir) to
 set or query the settings.  


(defparameter +slippery-chicken-config-data+
  ;; The default directory for output of sound files, EPS files, and Lilypond
  ;; files. Don't forget the trailing slash (i.e. "/tmp/" not "/tmp").  Bear in
  ;; mind that on OSX the /tmp directory is emptied upon reboot so you shouldn't
  ;; store any files you'd like to keep in there.
  (let ((tmpdir #+(or win32 win64) "c:/tmp/" #-(or win32 win64) "/tmp/"))
     :id 'slippery-chicken-config-data
     ;; MDE Sun Mar 25 10:39:07 2012 -- The following two are used in
     ;; pitch-seq::get-notes to indicate which lowest number in a pitch-seq
     ;; would indicate that we should select the highest or lowest notes
     ;; possible for the instrument/set.
     ;; The first is used to indicate the lowest number in a pitch-seq that
     ;; would indicate that the get-notes algorithm should select the highest
     ;; notes possible for the instrument/set.
     `((pitch-seq-lowest-equals-prefers-high 5)
       ;; the lowest number in a pitch-seq that would indicate that the
       ;; get-notes algorithm should select the lowest notes possible for the
       ;; instrument/set.
       (pitch-seq-lowest-equals-prefers-low 1)
       ;; MDE Wed Oct 10 16:35:10 2018 -- until October 2018 an error was
       ;; signalled if the were no pitches in a set for an instrument which
       ;; should be playing. We can now have a rest-sequence generated instead
       (pitch-seq-no-pitches-error t)
       ;; MDE Thu Oct 8 16:27:19 2020, Heidhausen -- issue a warning if we scale
       ;; a rhythm/event to longer than 10xwhole?
       (rhythm-scale-warning t)
       ;; MDE Sat Aug 3 16:39:40 2019 -- should shorten-large-fast-leaps issue a
       ;; warning or not?
       (shorten-large-fast-leaps-warning t)
       ;; MDE Tue Jul 16 11:17:23 2019 -- if NIL don't even warn about no
       ;; pitches being available
       (pitch-seq-no-pitches-warning t)
       ;; Whether to automatically open EPS files generated with CMN via
       ;; cmn-display.  Currently only works with SBCL and CCL on Mac OSX.
       (cmn-display-auto-open #+sc-auto-open T #-sc-auto-open nil)
       ;; Whether to automatically open PDF files generated with via lp-display.
       ;; Currently only works with SBCL and CCL on Mac OSX.
       (lp-display-auto-open #+sc-auto-open T #-sc-auto-open nil)
       ;; Whether to automatically open MIDI files generated with via midi-play.
       ;; Currently only works with SBCL and CCL on Mac OSX.
       (midi-play-auto-open #+sc-auto-open T #-sc-auto-open nil)
       ;; MDE Sat Dec  7 11:56:24 2019 -- if a pitch has a mark included in this
       ;; list, it will be ignored  
       (midi-play-ignore-marks nil)
       (tmp-dir ,tmpdir)
       (default-dir ,tmpdir)
       ;; The full path to the lilypond command.  We need to set this if we'll
       ;; call lp-display, i.e. if we want to automatically call Lilypond and
       ;; open the resultant PDF directly from Lisp.  The default should work if
       ;; you have the Lilypond app in your Applications folder on OSX.
       ;; "/Applications/")
       ;; The full path to the ffprobe cmomand.  We need to set this if we'll
       ;; call ffprobe (in get-sound-info, when clm is not used).
       ;; The default for Windows works when ffprobe is installed with the
       ;; choco package manager.
       (ffprobe-command #-(or win32 win64) "/usr/local/bin/ffprobe"
        #+(or win32 win64) "C:/ProgramData/chocolatey/bin/ffprobe.exe")
       ;; The default amplitude for all events that don't have amplitude/dynamic
       ;; set via some means such as marks.
       (default-amplitude 0.7)
       ;; in init-instance of sc class, warn if we can't call sc-init (because
       ;; it will be called explicitly later)
       (warn-no-sc-init t)
       (warn-unused-instruments t)
       ;; whether to warn when there's no CMN mark for a given Lilypond mark
       (warn-no-cmn-mark t)
       ;; sim for Lilypond
       (warn-no-lp-mark t)
       (warn-no-xml-mark t)
       ;; output harp pedal (salzedo) marks in MusicXML as a text-mark (i.e. 
       ;; <words>) or as MusicXML <harp-pedals> (cf. xml-salzedo). 
       ;; RP  Sun Dec 24 15:42:46 2023
       (xml-salzedo-as-text t)
       ;; the font family used for special MusicXML marks which should
       ;; be explicitly set with the engraving/music font (cf. xml-salzedo for
       ;; an example)
       ;; RP  Sun Dec 24 16:33:40 2023
       (xml-engraving-font "Bravura, Opus, Maestro, Leland, music")
       ;; warn if a pitch goes above midi note 119?
       (warn-high-pitch t)
       ;; warn if a pitch goes below octave number -1
       (warn-low-pitch t)
       (warn-fingering t)
       ;; Bar number offsets for CMN
       (cmn-bar-num-dx-for-sc -0.2)
       (cmn-bar-num-dy-for-sc 1.2)
       ;; MDE Wed Feb  8 16:50:31 2017 -- string-chord-selection-fun (used by
       ;; default for selecting chords for violin, viola, cello) will call
       ;; best-string-diad. This tries to find a diad within a certain
       ;; range. These are the min/max
       (best-string-diad-range (7 11))
       (best-string-diad-microtones nil)
       ;; MDE Sat May 10 12:47:25 2014 -- whether to issue warning when we set
       ;; the asco-msgs slot of a rest event (because they will only be written
       ;; to an antescofo~ file if this happens to be a rest in the part we're
       ;; following and we can't know this in advance).
       ;; MDE Tue Dec 29 11:59:33 2020, Heidhausen -- which auxiliary routine to
       ;; use for auto-clefs. For years this was the best-clef-aux function but
       ;; we're now generally using best-clef-aux-new. Some might prefer the old
       ;; routine however, hence this option here.
       (best-clef-aux-fun best-clef-aux-new) 
       (asco-msg-rest-warning t)
       ;; if we've added, say, an antescofo~ label to an event with a rehearal
       ;; letter, we'll get a warning as we can only have one antescofo label
       ;; per NOTE (though it's not an error to have two, the 2nd will be
       ;; ignored).
       (asco-two-labels-warning t)
       ;; the default spectral data used in the chord class for things such as
       ;; dissonance and spectral centroid calcuation. See spectra.lsp for more
       ;; details about references into +slippery-chicken-spectra+ (such as
       ;; akoustik-piano-spectra) or see the get-spectrum function in chord.lsp
       ;; for a description of the format this data can take. Currently
       ;; slippery-chicken defines three spectra: akoustik-piano-spectra,
       ;; clm-piano-spectra, and violin-ensemble-spectra. Bear in mind that if
       ;; you change this it would be best to start slippery-chicken again (or
       ;; at least regenerated a piece's data) so that chord's/set's
       ;; dissonance/centroid values are recalculated with the new spectra.
       (default-spectra akoustik-piano-spectra)
       ;; MDE Tue Apr 19 12:05:49 2016 -- for debugging purposes, print info
       ;; about the selection of pitches for an instrument given a pitch-seq and
       ;; set etc. (i.e. data passed to pitch-seq's get-notes method). Note that
       ;; chords will be printed as a sublist (i.e. in parentheses).
       (verbose-pitch-selection nil)
       ;; MDE Thu Oct 18 11:46:46 2018 -- since Sept. 18 the slippery-chicken
       ;; method update-slots also calls handle-ties. This will break some older
       ;; pieces so allow that to be skipped if necessary.
       (update-slots-handles-ties t)
       ;; font size for CMN bar numbers
       (cmn-bar-num-size-for-sc 6)
       (diapason 440)
       ;; MDE Thu Dec 15 11:29:25 2022, Heidhausen -- some systems need to
       ;; escape spaces in paths otherwise they won't open in a shell called
       ;; from lisp
       (system-open-file-escape-spaces nil)
       (autoconvert-eps-to-pdf nil)
       ;; LF  Thu Mar  30 14:04:33 2023
       ;; If true, when reaper files are written with #'write-reaper-file,
       ;; the pathnames to the soundfiles are converted to windows-type paths.
       ;; If nil, they will be unix-type paths.
       (reaper-files-for-windows nil)
       ;; RP  Thu Mar  2 19:04:20 2023
       ;; The full path to the Csound command. This is required in order to be
       ;; to use csound-display, i.e. automatically call the Csound command to
       ;; render a sound file from a given orchestra and a score generated via
       ;; write-csound-score.
       (ignore-force-rest-bar nil)
       (path-to-ppcre nil)))))