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 File:             get-spectrum.lsp

 Class Hierarchy:  none (no classes defined)

 Version:          1.1.0

 Project:          slippery chicken (algorithmic composition)

 Purpose:          Used mainly by spectra.lsp, get-spectrum returns, as a
                   list, the most prominent frequencies in a sound file.
                   The list is ordered from the most prominent to the least
                   prominent frequency (:order-by 'amp) or the highest to
                   lowest frequency (:order-by 'freq) and the number of
                   elements in the list is set by the <num-partials>
                   parameter.  The instrument spec-an is called by
                   get-spectrum and is therefore not meant to be used as a
                   public function (it is written as an instrument to take
                   advantage of CLM's run-loop efficiency).  The results of
                   analysis are stored in
                   *slippery-chicken-get-spectrum-last-result* so that if
                   you request the same analysis repeatedly, the analysis
                   will not need to be reperformed each time.  Be careful
                   though, only the input file, the ordering, the number of
                   partials requested and the analysis start time are used
                   to detect whether analysis has to be reperformed or not.
                   If you want to force reanalysis, do (setf
                   *slippery-chicken-get-spectrum-last-result* nil) before
                   the call to get-spectrum.
 Creation date:    This is very old code but it was added to slippery
                   chicken on August 5th 2015

 Author:           Michael Edwards:

 $$ Last modified:  10:17:28 Fri Apr 19 2024 CEST

 SVN ID: $Id: get-spectrum.lsp 5359 2015-07-24 20:53:22Z medward2 $