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Michael Edwards
for rei as a doe
you are coming into us who cannot withstand you
don't flinch
altogether disproportionate
who says this, saying it's me?
I Kill by Proxy (Part 1)
I Kill by Proxy (Part 2)
for Magda Cordell, if she'll have it
cheat sheet
I Kill by Proxy
24/7: freedom fried
in limine
breathing Charlie
selbstporträt als ein anderer
(bleib ruhig einmal verdammt!)
snow shoes, maupin, air conditioners, mother's, fleas, satyricon, and you (la cucaracha)
anonymous obvious
(aka several instrumental structures to annoy ludi)
slippery when wet
pas de poule, pas de pot
flung me, foot trod
Sonorities Apart