Michael Edwards


slippery chicken Common Lisp and CLOS algorithmic composition software.
mdeGranular~ Max/MSP external object coded in C for efficient multi-channel, multi-voice, multi-transposition granular synthesis.
rmsps A C++ programme for generating score-event aligned RMS (loudness) curves in Postscript format.
segmentA C++ programme for detecting onsets (attacks) in 16-bit sound files.
Common Lisp Music Various instruments and functions for the CLM digital signal processing and synthesis environment.
Désordre Algorithmic model in Pure Data (PD) of Ligeti's first Piano Étude; as described in my Communications of the ACM article.
input-stripA Max/MSP "input strip"-style audio input module allowing mono in stereo out parallel compression, high- and low-pass filtering, constant-power panning, signal delays, and the inclusion of two VST plugins in the signal path.
edimpro Max/MSP and Javascript software presenting a simple mechanism for controlling the flow of large group improvisations.
midi faders JavaScript MIDI fader management tool in Max/MSP.
deskless-levels Simple routing/mixing Max/MSP patch for deskless performances, with an arbitrary number of inputs going to an arbitrary number of outputs.
max-sends.pl In MaxMSP you can just double click on a send or receive object and a little box pops up showing its partners and which patch they're in. But if the matching send/receive is in another patch that's not open it doesn't show up. This Perl script shows all relationships for a whole project.
ssi.pl A Perl script for simulating server-side includes in html files.
artimix Real-time C++ sound mixing software for Silicon Graphics computers.