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ma bel

ma bel, my new piece for Jean-Francois Laporte’s compressed-air instrument, the babel table, was premiered in Canada at the Conservatoire de Musique de Montr├ęal on October 4th 2019….

hyperboles 3 in Montreal

Quasar Quartet, Le Gesu, Montreal, Canada, 19/1/17:   It was disappointingly warm in Montreal. I’d promised Martin┬átemperatures of -20C and below (it reached -33C on my last trip)…

hyperboles 4 – the extremities of cold, Montreal

My hyperboles project┬ásaw a new iteration in Quebec last month. Performances of ┬áhyperboles 4┬á(“insomniac rain”) took place in Canada, on February 25th courtesy of the festival┬áMois Multi 2015…