Another shot of me with that far away look–no idea where that comes from because whilst recording these ambiences I feel very focussed on the present moment. In fact this type of recording process is extremely and instantly meditative for me, despite being in public and attracting a lot of stares and bemused looks from the passersby.

The Dilli Haat food and craft bazar had a very nice feel to it when we were there two nights ago. Ever so slightly buzzing but by no means too full, with no hard sell or over-eager attention from any of the vendors, the wares were of an exceedingly high quality—apparently all stallholders in this period are award winners of some kind or other.

We had some excellent food whilst there, from an organic restaurant using its own locally-grown ingredients. Savvy bunch of people this: no Coke or Pepsi on the premises, and they have their own seed bank, so they’re fighting the likes of Monsanto in a quest for seed freedom. I’d have bought a load of their products at the attached shop if I’d have had the luggage room.

The sound scape at Dilli Haat was very rich. A hand built wooden toy created very distinct ratcheting sounds, whereas various musical instruments were to be heard both in solo demonstration or in group performance, amplified. The sound file below is quite long at 6:39 but it encompasses a slow walk around the marketplace, creating some subtle ambient fades that I’d be at pains to recreate any other way.

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