Michael Edwards


October 29 2019
Michael is presenting 14 new works, including four premieres, for five MIDI pianos (four Yamaha Disklaviers and a Boesendorfer 280V) and organ at the NOW! Festival "Transit" in the Essen Philharmonic. A performance of JC Risset's Duo for One Pianist will be included, with Susanne Achilles on piano and Michael on computer. Michael will also give the "Art of Hearing" introduction to the concert, including interviews with Clarence Barlow and Ludger Bruemmer.
October 26 2019
"days with glass edges" will be premiered this evening at the NOW! Festival at the Essen Philharmonic.
October 26 2019
DEGEM (The German Society for Electronic Music) releases the CD Transit containing works by Hans Tutschku, Clarence Barlow, Dirk Reith, et al, curated and mastered by Michael and Thomas Neuhaus.
October 23 2019
A 4-disklavier MIDI piano installation starts tonight as part of the NOW! Festival at the Philharmonic Essen. In collaboration with Dirk Reith, Guenter Steinke, and Thomas Neuhaus.
October 4 2019
"ma bel", my new work for computer and Jean-Francois Laporte's Babel Table will be premiered tonight in Montreal.
September 3 2019
Michael is in Portugal to work with Henrique Portovedo on their recordings of his complete works for saxophone(s) and electronics.
June 25 2019
Michael is teaching and giving a concert of electronic music at the Ionian University in Corfu, Greece.
June 6 2019
Michael is with students at the ZKM Next Generation events, where they will present new electronic works with and without ambisonics diffusion.
May 27 2019
Michael is teaching and performing in Turin, Italy.
July 12 2018
Michael is at the World Saxophone Congress in Zagreb to premiere his new work "HOTPO", written especially for Henrique Portovedo.
May 12 2018
Michael is in Münster with edimpro colleagues Dimitris Papageorgiou and Karin Schistek to give improvisation workshops to students at the Hochschule für Musik.
September 18 2017
Michael moves to Essen, Germany, to take up his new role of Professor of Electronic Composition at the Folkwang University of the Arts.
September 4 2017
Just in the nick of time: Michael finishes the masters of four new free improv albums--three with Edinburgh-based group edimpro--before his own private Brexit. More at bandcamp.
June 26 2017
Michael is recording his works for saxophones and electronics with Henrique Portovedo. Watch this space for news of the release.
January 20 2017
Michael is in Canada to perform "hyperboles 3" with the Quasar Saxophone Quartet in Montreal. Martin Parker is along for his premieres too.
July 1 2016
Michael is spending six months as a Guest Professor of Electronic Music at the Folkwang Uni, Essen, Germany.
June 10 2016
Michael is in London for the first "slippery chicken" symposium at Goldsmiths College.
April 5 2016
Michael is a featured composer at the Portuguese festival AVEIRO_SÍNTESE 2016. He'll be presenting his new electroacoustic work jitterbug along with five other electroacoustic and electro-instrumental works.
March 26 2016
Michael will be giving saxophone+electronics workshops with Italian saxophonist Gianpaolo Antongirolami at the Venice Conservatoire, March 30+31. Students will be working on a number of Michael's pieces and performing at 6pm on the 31st.
January 8 2016
jitterbug, Michael Edwards's latest album has been released online. Read all about it on Michael's blog.
December 28 2015
A new music app release by Michael Edwards is available via bandcamp

Composed in 2010 but not released until some final polish was applied in 2015, Music for Parallel Consumption is a 4-channel digital composition made for delivery and playback via a custom computer app.

July 1 2014
Michael's 40-minute piano and computer piece "for rei as a doe" is released on the London aural terrains label.
October 31 2013
Michael will give a talk on his algorithmic composition software slippery chicken at Huddersfield University, UK.
October 20 2013
Michael Edwards gave a talk entitled "Musician-tweaked algorithmic composition with slippery chicken" at the Notation in Contemporary Music Symposium at Goldsmiths University, University of London.
September 12 2013
Michael Edwards's free improvisation recording with Christos Michalakos and Jack Weir "better a broken bone" released.
September 5 2012
Michael's algorithmic composition release of works for solo instruments and computer now available on CD, DVD-Audio, and DVD-ROM:
June 5 2012
Michael Edwards and Fritz Welch's improvisation CD with Not Us released.
April 25 2012
Michael Edwards will be giving talks on his forthcoming algorithmic composition software release in Leeds, UK (27.4.12) and Naples, Italy (3.5.12).
April 11 2012
Michael Edwards will be giving masterclasses in algorithmic composition and computer-based improvisation at the Genoa Conservatoire of Music, Italy, April 11-13th, 2012.
February 1 2012
Lapslap release their fourth disc on Leo Records. "Granita" took over a year to produce and is a single piece of music lasting one hour. More information is here; Granita
August 15 2011
Michael Edwards has been awarded a £118k AHRC grant to develop his algorithmic composition software for public release in 2012.
July 8 2011
Michael Edwards is giving a pre-concert talk on algorithmic composition and his new piece for guitar and computer don't flinch at the classical guitar retreat on the Cathedral of the Isles, Isle of Cumbrae, Scotland.
July 1 2011
Michael's article on Algorithmic Composition published by the Communications of the Association for Computing Machinery. 24/7:freedom fried featured on the main page.
May 4 2011
Michael Edwards will be giving computer music composition workshops at the Perugia Conservatoire, 24th-26th May 2011.
April 10 2011
Nice new review of lapslap's recent album.
March 21 2011
Michael Edwards will be giving computer music composition and improvisation workshops at the Musik Akademie Basel, Switzerland, 21st-23rd March 2011.
October 20 2010
Michael Edwards' 24/7: freedom fried, with Garth Knox, viola d'amore, released on Wergo DVD.
December 24 2009
lapslap's third album zuppa inglese released on Leo Records.
May 13 2009
sumtone's 3rd recording, Michael Edwards' I Kill by Proxy is now available to order direct from the sumtone site
January 1 2009
lapslap's second CD is released on Leo Records
October 13 2008
Free improvisation trio lapslap release their first album on Leo Records
July 14 2008
Michael Edwards is at GRIM Marseille recording a new DVD-Audio album of improvisation for release on the sumtone label. Playing on the album will be Michael (saxophones, computer), Karin Schistek (piano, synthesiser), Paul Elwood (banjo), and Jean Marc Montera (guitars). Release date will be November 2008 (watch this space).
July 5 2008
Michael Edwards will be performing improvised electronics with Christophe Fellay and Sarah Nicolls at the Montreux Jazz Festival. Workshops to follow.
May 17 2008
Michael Edwards', Karin Schistek's and Martin Parker's improvisation trio lapslap will be playing a set at the Bongo Club as part of this year's Dialogues Festival.
February 5 2008
Michael Edwards presents his compositional work at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.
November 19 2007
A new piece for piano and computer commissioned by Sarah Nicolls will be performed at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival.
July 21 2007
A new piece for for Electric Guitar, Ensemble, and Computer commissioned by the Salzburg ensemble OENM to be premiered at the Bregenz Festival.