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premiere of hyperboles 5, Birmingham

  Ellen Fallowfield and I outed the latest version of my hyperboles project last weekend at the Crosscurrents Festival in Birmingham. After two days of intense rehearsals and development it…

Anne La Berge performing the premiere of "hyperboles are the worst thing ever" in Amsterdam on 15/6/14.

hyperboles are the worst thing ever
(aka Epimenides would have been gutted)

Since August 2013 I’ve been working on hyperboles, a series of pieces that allow musicians to tweak the algorithm parameters that are used to generate the work’s score, sound…

their faces on fire, San Marino

Gianpaolo Antongirolami and I premiered my new piece for baritone saxophone and computer their faces on fire in San Marino on June 20th 2014. It’s 100% algorithmically generated, and…