Artists Colin Lawson and Chante Inglis  are working on a video using Colin’s paintings as visuals alongside my 40-minute piano and computer piece for rei as a doe. This has already been documented but in order to give Chante and Colin some orientation points in this long work I did an analysis of the pre-compositional structuring, in particular the start points of the rhythm sequences. The entrance and number of repeating sequences that increasingly dominate the work are perhaps of most significance here.

Tags such as “long3b,a” refer to the IDs of the rhythm sequences which make up the piece. In this example, the right hand plays sequence long3b; the left hand plays long3a. (The two computer voices will play long3c and long3d but these are not notated below.)

The “Letter” entries indicate the rehearsal letters in the score. These often correspond to the start of a rhythmic sequence, but not always. Similarly, some long pauses happen mid-way through a rhythmic sequence–these were added/extended/elaborated/edited in response to the algorithmically generated score.


00:02.822 e-bow tone on middle D string
00:26.944 long3b,a
00:42.670 studio door squeeks
01:24.040 long2a,c
02:40.250 long1b,d
03:36.410 long3d,c
03:58.670 Letter A
05:02.720 long1a,d
06:06.680 repetitions1a,d (x3)
06:25.600 long2b,d
07:21.150 long1d,a
08:16.570 long3d,c
09:11.420 Letter B
09:57.460 repetitions2d,c (x5)
10:27.310 long2a,b
10:37.150 fast notes
11:24.210 long1d,a
11:48.840 Letter C: big chord, gongs fwds and bkwds
12:05.710 for me the most highly charged moment in the whole piece
12:39.660 long2c,b
12:48.040 fast notes
13:14.850 sigh
13:18.210 ‘get on with it’
13:40.220 repetitions3c,b (x3)
14:03.220 long3c,a
15:33.330 long2a,c (Letter D in CMN-generated score)
16:40.940 repetitions2a,c (x5)
17:37.160 long1c,d: these composers go on and on and on, don’t they?
17:44.264 Letter D (end of the 15min version)
18:01.135 only staccato note in whole piece
18:37.982 long3d,b
18:51.748 high pluck
19:04.677 darkest most brooding place in the whole piece
19:46.331 repetitions1d,b (x7)
20:26.851 long2a,b
20:34.346 Letter E
20:43.394 fast notes
21:31.911 repetitions3a,b (x11)
22:37.344 Letter F: long3a,d
23:38.850 more unintelligible vocal interruption
23:54.467 Letter G: long1b,a (end of 21 min. version)
25:02.129 repetitions1b,a (x7)
25:45.680 long3c,a
26:05.820 computer glissando tone
26:57.072 long1d,b
27:22.620 high pluck
27:54.565 repetitions3d,b (x13)
29:14.445 Letter H: long2b,c
29:33.555 fast notes
29:46.700 dog barking
30:30.003 long3c,d
31:00.035 creeking studio door
31:30.293 repetitions2c,d (x11)
32:39.335 Letter I: long2b,c
32:41.735 groan
32:58.199 fast notes
33:24.639 synth tone glissando
33:58.691 repetitions3b,c (x13)
35:04.304 long1c,b
36:30.990 Letter J: repetitions1c,b (x17)
38:09.060 piano notes end
38:37.412 e-bow on middle D string
39:09.998 e-bow on middle C string

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