Fritz preparing for the saw piece

Fritz Welch and I have just released not us, a studio album made in my Edinburgh flat (in the sauna, actually). Recorded and mixed collaboratively between 2010 and 2012 it features two extended tracks using various percussion instruments played by Fritz and contributions on tenor saxophone and computer by myself.

We made this album using overdubbing techniques. Fritz first of all laid down the percussion tracks in one afternoon. Then, on the same evening, I added a tenor contribution to one of these, whilst Fritz was on the train back to Glasgow. Later on I did one or two passes with my MaxMSP improvisation software, using the acoustic tracks as input. Mixing involved some more processing with a TC Electronics Fireworx and a Boss SE-70. Liner notes below.

> On 14 May 2012 10:27, Michael Edwards wrote:
> Well at first I didn’t. I intended to be just a recording
> engineer on this one. But I couldn’t resist reaching over
> to you in Glasgow once you’d left by overdubbing a tenor
> solo. And, well….the whole thing was then begging for a
> digital processing extension out of the close confines of
> the sauna into…whatever space you imagine it then
> becomes.
>> On 10 May 2012 22:18, Fritz Welch wrote:
>> solo transmutation through thorough and complete analysis
>> and psychologic transference provided by your handy dandy
>> Max patches Michael. How did you approach the duo in
>> such a disembodied context?
>>> On May 8 2012 15:55, Michael Edwards wrote:
>>> You were hijacked for a pretty long time there Fritz.
>>> What else happened? You thought you were recording a
>>> percussion solo I assume….
>>>> On 7 May 2012 08.29, Fritz Welch wrote:
>>>> My hands were attached to my body but seemed to be
>>>> functioning on remote control. Perhaps this occurred
>>>> due to the fact that we were recording in a sauna
>>>> disguised as an orgone accumulator. Or perhaps the
>>>> whole thing had been hijacked by a word transmission
>>>> history migration fever?
>>>>> On 30 March 2012 10:12, Michael Edwards wrote:
>>>>> So if we get a little excited and all Cartesian and
>>>>> identify you as Fritz’s mind (your body being just a
>>>>> tool of the FritzMind), then it wasn’t you playing in
>>>>> there?
>>>>>> On 30 March 2012 09:56, Fritz Welch wrote:
>>>>>> i lost my mind before and after the abduction.
>>>>>>> On 30 March 2012 09:18, Michael Edwards wrote:
>>>>>>> So, Fritz, what happened to you in that sauna?
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