In 2021 I finally finished the mix and master of a 40-minute immersive audio-visual project that was on the go for quite a while. Details below. The first five minutes, in stereo, are available on YouTube: a star. is a composition for single channel video and immersive audio by:

Michael Edwards: composition, improvised sound processing, recording*, mix, master
Chanté Inglis: video
Colin Lawson: paintings
Karin Schistek: piano, improvisation

The foursome got to know each other in 2013, whilst collaborating on an improvisation project in Edinburgh. Their first audiovisual work arose when Colin and Chanté secretly made a video to Michael and Karin’s CD for rei as a doe. The process order for the realisation of that project was Michael’s composition → Karin’s interpretation → Colin’s paintings → Chanté’s video.

pulsed represents a reversal of this order: Colin and Chanté’s new video was made in 2017, before the music, from 21 of Colin’s paintings: nine black, six blue, and six orange. Michael and Karin deliberated on this before going into the studio on November 14th 2018, where Karin performed (and Michael recorded) two full-length uninterrupted piano improvisations and a shorter third improvisation at a crucial point. Michael then took these, edited and mixed them, often affording both main layers to be simultaneously audible, before running them all through his interactive, real-time audio processing software, capturing the results, and editing/mixing these with more formally composed elements to create the final immersive audio track in third-order ambisonics format.

The result is a slow-moving, meditative work of thirty-nine minutes duration mixing piano and electronic sound with abstract, often saturated painted forms that slowly move, dissolve, and morph.

Duration: 39:25
Format: 16/9 (1280 x 720) MPEG-4
Format profile: QuickTime
Overall bit rate: 10.4 Mb/s
Audio Track 1: Stereo (linear PCM, 24-bit, 48Khz)
Audio Track 2: 5.0 Surround (L R C Ls Rs, linear PCM, 24-bit, 48Khz)
Other audio formats up to 16 channels immersive (3rd order ambisonics) available upon request

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