Just before leaving the UK in September 2017, amongst packing boxes and the fifteen other circles of hell that accompany an international move, I managed to clear the decks of several mixes which had been lying semi-dormant on a hard drive, awaiting my attention. The result was three new releases of free improvisation with edimpro, the group born out of an inaugural event led by Mary Oliver, of the Amsterdam-based Instant Composers Pool, on May 5th 2009, in Alison House at the University of Edinburgh.

The first album, forest, was recorded in a live concert shared with superimpose in March 2013. The following two albums arose out of recording sessions and a concert at the Reid Concert Hall in Edinburgh on October 10th 2015.

You can listen to and/or download all three, along with other lovely stuff, at the reidid bandcamp page.

Much of the mixing took place in the Reid Studio on an SSL AWS 900+ SE 24 channel analogue mixing desk. Though Owen Green and I took on responsibility for most of the recording/mixing/mastering tasks, we also adopted an all-hands-on-faders approach, where each contributing musician was invited to be present and to push faders during a real-time analogue mixdown (can’t be beat for kicks, laughs, and sonic surprises.)

The albums feature the following sorely-missed ‘core’ edimpro members, along with myself on saxophones and electronics:

Pete Furniss, clarinets and electronics
Owen Green, electronics
Lauren Sarah Hayes, piano
Christos Michalakos, drums
Dave Murray-Rust, electronics
Dimitris Papageorgiou, violin
Karin Schistek, piano
Jack Weir, electric guitar

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