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 File:             violin-ensemble-spectra.lsp

 Class Hierarchy:  None: no classes defined.

 Version:          1.1.0

 Project:          slippery chicken (algorithmic composition)

 Purpose:          For reading in from spectra.lsp: From Kontakt's violin
                   ensemble samples library: Kontakt 3 Library/Orchestral/Z
                   - Samples/01 Violin ensemble - 14/VI-14_mV_sus_mf". We can
                   use this data for the calculation of chord dissonance
                   values in the chord class's calculate-dissonance method.

 Author:           Michael Edwards:

 Creation date:    5th August 2015

 $$ Last modified:  19:36:36 Thu Jun  8 2017 BST

 SVN ID: $Id: clm-piano-spectra.lsp 963 2010-04-08 20:58:32Z medward2 $