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 File:             clm-piano-spectra.lsp

 Class Hierarchy:  None: no classes defined.

 Version:          1.0.12

 Project:          slippery chicken (algorithmic composition)

 Purpose:          For reading in from spectra.lsp: Modified data from CLM's
                   spectr.clm which itself was created from data provided
                   courtesy of J.A. Moorer. We'll use this data for the
                   calculation of chord dissonance values in the chord
                   class's calculate-dissonance method.

 Author:           Michael Edwards:

 Creation date:    5th August 2015

 $$ Last modified: 16:22:57 Wed Aug  5 2015 BST

 SVN ID: $Id: clm-piano-spectra.lsp 963 2010-04-08 20:58:32Z medward2 $