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 File:             named-object.lsp

 Class Hierarchy:  None: base class of all slippery-chicken classes.

 Version:          1.1.0

 Project:          slippery chicken (algorithmic composition)

 Purpose:          Implementation of the named-object class which is the
                   base class for all of the slippery-chicken classes.

                   The data slot of the named-object class and its
                   subclasses generally holds the original data passed when
                   creating the object. In anything but the simplest of
                   classes this may quickly become out-of-date as the object
                   is manipulated, but is nevertheless retained so that a)
                   the user can see what data was used to create an object,
                   and b) the user can derive new objects from an object's
                   original data. Data relevant to a specific subclass is
                   often stored in slots other than :data, e.g. bars,
                   rhythms, etc. so the user should not be alarmed if the
                   data slot itself does not seem to reflect changes made to
                   an object.   

 Author:           Michael Edwards:

 Creation date:    4th December 2000

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