slippery chicken has been used by Michael Edwards for the creation of numerous compositions since 2000, including works for instrumental ensembles, for fixed audio media ('tape'), and for combinations of instruments and computer/'tape'.

2012 release

A limited edition multiformat release of some of these works is now available to order, download, or listen to online. You can also read the liner notes.


Michael has used slippery chicken to create scores in Lilypond, Common Music Notation (CMN), and Sibelius (via the import of MIDI files). Here are some examples:

Lilypond: you are coming into us who cannot withstand you
CMN: cheat sheet
Sibelius: altogether disproportionate


Further information, including scores and recordings of most of Michael's works made with slippery chicken can be found on his pages at sumtone. They include:

you are coming into us who cannot withstand you
don't flinch
altogether disproportionate
who says this, saying it's me?
for Magda Cordell, if she'll have it
cheat sheet
I Kill by Proxy
24/7: freedom fried
in limine
selbstporträt als ein anderer (bleib ruhig einmal verdammt!)
snow shoes, maupin, air conditioners, mother's, fleas, satyricon, and you (la cucaracha)
anonymous obvious (aka several instrumental structures to annoy ludi)
slippery when wet well as the scei downloads.

User Guide Demo Compositions

Sample-based realizations of the demo compositions from the slippery chicken user guide are available in the Associated Files links at the top of their accompanying tutorial pages, including: