For a nube writing code to create music can be a slow process. Here are few top tips I wish I have learned years ago to help speed up your Acquamacs workflow. (Not knowing any better I used to copy and paste whole chunks of code into the prompt!)

NB: Aquamacs only!

  1. Make use of the global variable in the call to make-slippery-chicken function. This way you can do any post-generational editing without having to re-compile the original sc object.
  2. Load an entire .lsp file with C-c C-l
  3. Compile an entire .lsp file with C-c C-k
  4. Compile a single line of code with C-c C-j
  5. Find an item is
  6. Find and replace anything with M-% (type ? for more options after initial command)

Happy lisping! Dan