using github

Since 2017 slippery chicken uses github to manage its code repository.

You can download the code directly from, use github desktop, or you can use git on the command line (in the terminal, assuming your operating system offers one):

git clone

The code will then be in the newly created slippery-chicken folder. If you ever need to update the code you can do:

git pull origin master

the bleeding edge aka the 'michael' branch

Those needing more regular updates (i.e. between releases) should use the 'michael' branch on github instead of the 'master' branch. Once you've cloned via the above command you can switch to 'michael' via:

git checkout michael

The command to get the latest code of the 'michael' branch then becomes:

git pull origin michael

If you get the source code from github, make sure you create an empty 'bin' directory at the same level as the directory containing all the slippery chicken .lsp files. If downloading from the slippery chicken website you'll already have the following directory structure once you unpack the archive: