How do I output to CSound or some other system?

slippery chicken generates scores in CMN, Lilypond, Music XML, and antescofo; it writes MIDI files and sound files; but this is not everything of course. Some of you might want to output to, e.g., CSound or some other text based file format. In this case, after generating your slippery-chicken object (e.g. via make-slippery-chicken) you can interrogate the slots of the event objects. The structure of a slippery-chicken object is pretty complex but an easy way to access events is to sort by time all the events of a piece (i.e. for every instrument) then loop through them, access the slots you need, and write the necessary data in the required format:

(loop for e in (get-events-sorted-by-time slippery-object) do
     (format t "~&~a ~a" (start-time e) (frequency (pitch-or-chord e)))))

An extension would be to write to a file instead of the Lisp window by using the with-open-file Lisp macro.