How do I make a one-note rthm-seq with a chord?

We indicate chords in slippery-chicken pitch-seq-palettes by putting parentheses around a number, for example, this rthm-seq:

	   (2 ((((2 4) 4 4))
	       :pitch-seq-palette (((1) 2)))))

This has two notes, the first a chord, the second a single pitch. (For more on this see the manual.)

You'd think, quite reasonably, that all you'd need to do to get a chord in a rthm-seq with a single event, is the following:

         '((1 ((((2 4) 4 (4)))
               :pitch-seq-palette (((1)))))

In that case though, slippery-chicken gets confused between simple lists of numbers (or in this case just one number) and lists of parenthesised numbers, which are syntactically the same, of course (the difference is subtle). We can get around this by simply adding (yet another) layer of parentheses. The following should work just fine:

(let* ((mini
         :title "mini template"
         :ensemble '(((pno (piano :midi-channel 1))))
         :set-palette '((1 ((c4 d4 e4 f4 g4 a4 b4 c5))))
         :set-map '((1 (1 1)))
         '((1 ((((2 4) 4 (4)))
               :pitch-seq-palette ((((1))))))
           (2 ((((2 4) 4 4))
               :pitch-seq-palette (((1) 2)))))
         :rthm-seq-map '((1 ((pno (1 2))))))))
  (cmn-display mini)
  (midi-play mini))