flung me, foot trod, Teatro Bon, Udine, Gianpaolo Antongirolami, 19/5/2000
Reviewed by Franco Calabretto, Il Gazzettino, 7/5/2000
"... la violenza tellurica e catastrofica di flung me, foot trod (1994) di Edwards.

[ ...the seismic and catastrophic violence of flung me, foot trod... ]"
flung me, foot trod, International Computer Music Conference 1995, Banff, Gary Scavone, 9/1995
Reviewed by Robert Normandeau, Contact!, Autumn, 1995
" Edward's work, a hammering technique prevailed. When such a work is bad, it bores you stiff, but when the form fits the material, the result is a contrasting, dynamic and rich work especially when performed by a player as dedicated as Gary Scavone. His performance was energizing."