Michael Edwards

Buridan's Knot

Programme Note

Buridan's Knot was written in 1989 just after I finished my undergraduate studies at Bristol University. It is a single movement work scored for three oboes and eleven strings which lasts approximately fifteen minutes. Due to the nature of the ensemble the musical interest of the piece lies in the opposition of strings versus oboes. Neither one assumes a primary role but rather the two groups face each other off in sections in which both the two groups and the individual members of the group fight for attention in the often dense and continuously moving counterpoint. There is a tendency over the course of the piece, for the two groups to align themselves in a common musical state, though still in opposition to each other, and towards the end to finally arrive at exactly the same musical state, which is merely a held chord. This serves as a contrast to the moto perpetuo type textures that have preceded, and to set up the coda which is almost a very short second movement.